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Second Podcast

This second podcast discusses the possibility of children and adolescents being identified as “antisocial”, which is not officially allowed in the current edition of the DSM. In addition, what to do when and if this situation presents itself is discussed, along with commonly accompanying phenomena. Historical perspectives of various terms, such as “psychopath” and “sociopath”, […]

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First Podcast

This first podcast deals with music and its role in the lives of those for whom it is important. Suggestions to parents as to how to help monitor the types of media their offspring see, listen to, and visit (online) are made, along with ideas as to how to connect with them more effectively using […]

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Article — Music: A Common Denominator With Youth

This article is intended as a guideline and introduction for anyone who wishes to relate to youth in a more personal and nonthreatening manner by engaging them “on their own turf”. Particularly if the reader is an educator, parent, or mental health individual, this paper might awaken you to an alternative “therapeutic” tool that can […]

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