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Article — Holiday–Related Stress

If you or your loved ones find the holiday seasons to be times that engender added stress in your life, this article may assist you in realizing you’re not alone. Several types of commonly encountered stressors (as well as stressors that appear with persons who are already in a “one down” position for one reason […]

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Article — Adolescent Athletes and Substance Abuse

While most persons realize that many of today’s adolescents are substance users of varying degrees and types, many don’t equate substance abuse and/or dependency with youthful athletes. Sadly, this is an all too frequently seen occurrence. For coaches, parents, educators, or clinicians whointeract with or relate to youth regularly and want to try to understand and recognize […]

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Article — Music as A Gateway to the Divine Within

This article is a brief recounting of one person’s personal journey through discovering how music became a “gateway” to discovering the presence of “the Divine” within himself. What began as a coping tool for me during times of trouble ended up becoming a life-fulfilling tool for me to recognize, connect with, and “channel” the presence of the Prime […]

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Article — Holiday-Related Depression: Implications for Youth

While most persons are happy to see the various holiday seasons approach (especially the “major ones”), many others find it to be just the opposite. This article discusses the various aspects of holiday-related blues that are sometimes experienced by children and adolescents for various reasons. Anyone wanting a better understanding of this phenomenon, coupled with some […]

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